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Anal invasion foreign objects

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I am no stranger to the literature on Anal invasion foreign objects fetishes and in a previous blog I reviewed the scant literature on exophilia individuals who derive sexual pleasure and arousal from extraterrestrial, robotic, supernatural, or otherwise non-human life forms. The overwhelming majority of exophiles never claim to have had sex with an alien but claim that they are sexually excited and aroused by the thought of doing so.

The Ovipositor is basically a big dildo that lays goopy eggs molded from gelatin in the body cavity of your choice. Fans of the Ovipositor say that the sensation of mushy extraterrestrial ovum slopping back out of them is a real treat. For those who are unaware, an ovipositor is an organ used by some animals for the laying of eggs and the most infamous ovipositor I can think of is the one belonging to the alien queen xenomorph in the film Alien: McCasker asked the developer of the Ovipostor dildo to explain the product and the thinking behind it:.

Usually from an alien or insect. Many people find this sort of thing very arousing. The toys are simply phallic-shaped hollow tubes that Anal invasion foreign objects be used to insert gelatin eggs into oneself.

Food, death, and sex.

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I wanted something more fun. As he told McCasker:. We send our products all over the world to many different races, creeds, and cultures…[In terms of appeal] there are different perspectives of everything, and Ovipositors are no exception.

Many like to envision an alien creature that wants its eggs inside you. It can Anal invasion foreign objects a little intimidating or off-putting to those who do not fantasize about being the willing or unwilling host of alien beings inside them.

McCasker also wanted to know if there is any danger of inserting gelatin eggs into the vagina and anus and replied:.

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I can say that I have used them many times without hurting myself, but frankly it is up to the person using it to know their own limits. For instance, if you are allergic to gelatin. If made properly, the eggs are firm, but rubbery, similar to the consistency of gummy bears.

There are also a number of different types of Ovipostor including the Splorch and the Krubera. I ought to just mention that although PH appears to be the only company that makes egg-producing dildos, other alien-inspired dildos are on the market and overviewed in an article by Ben Hayward on the Unilad website.

This fun sex toy lets you lay eggs. Alien impregnation has any opinions changed? Getting alien eggs laid inside you. Philly Mag, August Weirdest sex toy ever? Anal invasion foreign objects alien penis designed to lay eggs in people, Anal invasion foreign objects 9. These alien fetish dildos will blow your mind. The emerging fetish of laying alien eggs inside yourself.

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So, this is a thing: Alien egg impregnation dildos. NuvoOctober Feast your eyes on this new alien egg-laying dildo Anal invasion foreign objects. In a previous blog I briefly examined sitophiliaa sexual paraphilia in which the individual has an erotic attraction to and derives sexual arousal from food.

In that blog I noted that there has long been an association between eating and sexual behaviour on many different levels. More specifically, I noted:. Many would Anal invasion foreign objects agree that eating in and of itself can be a sensual activity. For example, foodstuffs such as oysters and chocolate are considered to have aphrodisiac properties even if there is a lack of empirical evidence. Almost every article about fruit fetishes on the Internet mentions the fact that some types of fruit most noticeably bananas can be used as a dildo substitute for both men and women and used both anally and vaginally.

Other foods are so constituted that they can be sexually penetrated by a male… Anal invasion foreign objects Morackinian Austrian designer and artist, designed and created the first home Dildo Maker.

It allows phallic food to be sculpted into an even more phallic shape for easier insertion… Other fruits are so constituted that they can be sexually penetrated by a male, if an appropriate hole is drilled in them.

There are numerous references to sexual experiences involving fruit in popular culture.

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