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Interviewed by Alana Lee.

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In "Bringing Down the House", he returns to his wild man roots. I met the director, Adam Shankman and he had so much energy, which gave me supreme confidence. That's really why I did the movie. I felt he wanted to make a fast moving, fast paced comedy. It's hard to find those people like Adam; they can be too serious or too mechanical to make a comedy. A comedy has Bowfinger boob grab have room to breathe.

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You just have to walk on that set on any given day and know that anything's a possibility. Do you still have a passion for comedies like this? A lot of Hollywood observers are saying they're glad to see you return Bowfinger boob grab the old Steve Martin type of film What I really have a passion for is the kind of fun we had on this one.

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The drudgery of making a movie can only be ameliorated by the fun you have making it. You've got to feel like you're in a creative space. They're just bright people.

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