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I am forever grateful to the wildly talented and stunning Jenny Lewis for making many kickass records with Rilo Kiley and as a solo artist.

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Today, I must add a new reason for gratitude: Jenny Lewis makes screwing with gender norms look even cooler than usual. Check out the full video:.

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Audrey is a writer, a Texan and a sometimes-heretical Presbyterian. They Anne hathaway lesbian sex about bisexuality, gender, religion, politics, music and a whole lot of feelings at Autostraddle and wherever fine words are sold. They have a dog named after Alison Bechdel. Follow Audrey on Twitter audreywhitetx. Did anyone else have the impression from the lyrics that this song is about struggling with emotions as a woman surrounding the issue of having a baby?

Regardless, the song and video are both totally awesome!

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I heard the pregnancy Anne hathaway lesbian sex as more of an emblem of the ways in which society separates out women for being women rather than a literal commentary on stress about a pregnancy, but I could be wrong! The entire album is very emotional actually, just done in an upbeat way. Jezebel claims that the best part of this video is the Lisa Frank suit.

Today, I must add a...

Second best was probably the suit, though. You have to be kidding. Do you even know about males peeing? You are correct in calling me out on my contradictory sweet first comment to the later ones when I felt like we were all treating the ladies as visual sex objects like a guy thinks. But I believe my criticism was out of proportion. I have heard some lesbians make crude and objectifying remarks about women…. I am embarrassed for overreacting. I Anne hathaway lesbian sex a stupid amount of positive feelings about this video.

Wel the idea of Kristen Stewart playing first guitar and dressed in a suit pretty much sold it for me. The moustaches and fucking with gender norms are just a bonus.

Thank you, Jenny Lewis, for inadvertently or not? Also, for involving Kristen Stewart, thereby increasing my love for it tenfold. I saw Brie Larson on Community and fell in love with her right away.

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I feel very validated right now. Hi yes wow, I am all over that realization with you. Are you all just a bunch of drooly mouth pig boys slobbering over a cute face girl who thinks you are just Anne hathaway lesbian sex queer?

And quit being like the ones you love to hate!! So you like when guys think you are hot? And Anne hathaway lesbian sex about you? But perhaps a young female vampire in need of the Heimlich maneuver…… too much drool? Just like a guy checking out your ass or tits…… dreaming about you. I have mixed feelings cuz this video is great and fun but the song itself was really not doing it for me. Those matching Sue Sylvester suits.

I read all of the comments before I watched the video. Somebody please make Kristen Stewart dissappear. Suddenly the day seems so much brighter.

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Kristen Stewart actually has facial expressions? Ok, I was too bitchy about all of the crushy things some of you wrote. It just bothers me when we think it is ok to drool over straight girls when we hate guys drooling over us. Or am I wrong about that? And I did think the video was fun with lots of cute juxtapositions.

I am, but I also think she seems like a genuinely cool person and is a much more talented Anne hathaway lesbian sex than she usually gets credit for.

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The video is a gift, because all four women and the mystery drummer! The dancing, the facial expressions, everything!

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The song lyrics also really hit home for me. Jenny Lewis kills it as always. All I want is to watch cheesy movies on a couch with Kristen Stewart.

And to occasionally call her by her middle name, which is Anne hathaway lesbian sex. And to do that mock-aggressive play-hugging thing where we are bumping into each other but then hug for real.

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I really liked the video, but then I read this article and reconsidered https: I love your concern beyond the tittilating innuendo of a video Anne hathaway lesbian sex and the reality of being a lesbian seeking love in the real world.

I am, however, quite open to people thinking I am totally wrong just not the guy who wrote this Medium column, because he gave me no reason to give him credibility. That is a much more likely interpretation of the track suits and gang signs, and I hope it is the reality. I also do not know much about Jenny Lewis, so thanks for responding with alternative explanations. Rereading that article, it is more like a preconceived rant against white feminism, without doing any research to back it up, Anne hathaway lesbian sex sorry for giving it maybe too much credit.

Yeh, but again, I think this person is not giving the song enough credit. This is Anne Hathaway begging. Audrey Audrey is a writer, a Texan and a sometimes-heretical Presbyterian.

Audrey has written articles for us. You May Also Like Anonymous Sex Toy Review: Log in to Reply. Oh, that makes total sense, and I much prefer that interpretation. This video just seems too magical and wonderful to exist in this cruel world. Ladies peeing standing up! But what did they shake??

I was just Anne hathaway lesbian sex to comment how this makes me like Anne hathaway lesbian sex Hathaway, period. As soon as I saw this I knew it would end up in here. Some might call us predictable. I could watch her do drag all day. Have you seen The Runaways? She is fab in that.

This is my new favorite comment ever, please never change!! Am I the only one? Nope, I was wondering, too.

Not the only one!

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