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Who in the fuck asked you? I hate this shit. It makes my balls itch.

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This how all ugly couples act when they've been sex deprived all throughout life. Look closely they both ugly as fuck. I was in a really bad mood today Yeah yeah his daughter ugly as fuck And his son look like a mutt.

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Ugly as fuck like the rest of us! Which one of you ugly ass baby having ass hoes got this shit removed? It's a God damn shame. This situation is always awkward as fuck.

Boy oh boy here we go again. I'm thankful that it's actually still cold and rainy in New York so I don't have to put up with this just yet. Bae, Dank, and Fucking: When bae is ugly as fuck but that's ok cuz you are too and that's love. Memes, Smashing, and Ugly: When you ugly as fuck and this is the only time you get to smash meme memes funny fun funnymemes funnyshit funnytumblr funnypics funtime funnypic funtimes funnight.

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Fac, Fucking, and Marvel Comics: Bad, Dank, and Fucking: Beautiful, Crying, and Fucking: You are not worthy of our time anyway, yes we may find your looks alluring, but your soul is ugly as fuck, and you have nothing to offer in a relationship.

So stop crying that you can never find a good guy, it's your own damn fault.

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Memes, Ugly, and Fuck: When the baby ugly as fuck but you trying to be nice guesswhomeme. Fucking, Gym, and Ugly: Bae, Memes, and Ugly: When bae tries to give you puppy dog eyes but she ugly as fuck, so you get mad and care even less.