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Chat with older men

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To some women, men their own age just can't hold a candle to an older man.

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But you may not be sure of how to flirt with him. After all, he's in a different stage in his life, and you might not have much in common with him.

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Luckily, talking to an older man is more about having confidence in your youth than having life experiences in common. Make him feel like a person, not an age.

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When younger women talk to older men, they sometimes feel the need to explain in detail what precisely they like about older men. This might make the man feel like you're after a "type," not a person. Instead of starting with why you're attracted to older men in general, focus first on why you want to talk to him specifically. Do you like his salt and pepper hair? Is he particularly well-dressed?

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Did you overhear him talking about a subject that interested you? Address the age difference if it comes up.

You want him to feel relaxed and comfortable with you, so let him decide Chat with older men he wants to talk about Chat with older men elephant in the room. If he never brings up the age difference, that's fine. Discussing other subjects suggests you're not attracted to each other because of your ages. But, if he does bring up how much younger you are than him, don't shy away from the conversation.

After assuring him that you're interested in him for himself, you can move on to a discussion of why you may prefer older men in general. Don't dwell on past relationships, but speak in broad terms about what you think older men have to offer that men your age don't. Financial stability should not be the focus of this conversation. Think about all the other things older men can offer — emotional stability, perspective, a calmer lifestyle.

Let him decide if he wants to talk about his job. Different men will have different approaches to dealing with the issue of financial stability. Let him choose how much he wants to reveal about his employment. If you steer the conversation toward his job, he might wonder if you're flirting with him only because you think he's rich.

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On the other hand, he may want to show off his great job. Let him use it as a flirting asset, just like you're using your youth! Even if he doesn't choose to talk about his job, make a point of telling Chat with older men about yours. Don't discuss the specifics of your salary, of course. But talking about your job lets him know subtly that you're a workingwoman who can take care of herself. Chat with older men you're at a bar and he tries to pay for your tab, thank him, but laugh it off.

Say, "You're so sweet, but you don't have to do that!

This is an un-moderated chat...

Chat with older men If there's one thing adults of all ages can agree on, it's that there's nothing more irritating than a younger person who thinks they know better. While you don't have to agree with everything he says, don't contradict him constantly. Some people worry about growing "out of touch" with current ways of thinking as they get older. You want to make him feel "experienced," but not "old. Instead of emphasizing how much you disagree, ask him to explain why he feels the way he does.

Listen thoughtfully and openly. You don't have to change your mind, but you've shown him that you respect him enough to want to understand him. Of course, if he holds personal opinions you find offensive, feel free to give him an earful and walk away.

Don't sacrifice your principles Chat with older men to date someone.

Engage him in conversation. Although you should respect his opinions, you also want to show him that you have a mind of Chat with older men own. What man wouldn't go crazy for a woman who can turn a disagreement into great conversation? Relax your facial expression to let him know you're not getting worked up about any differences of opinion.

Be able to laugh about how far apart you might be on an issue. If you're lucky, you might have found someone who's actually on the same page as you. In that case, celebrate! Your youth is one of your biggest assets when flirting with an older man.

Use it to your advantage! When you get ready to go out at night, wear fashion styles that set you Chat with older men from older women.

Of course, you shouldn't dress like a teenager. You don't want him thinking about you dragging him to One Direction concerts!

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Wear clothes that look good on a woman in her mid twenties or thirties, but might look a little strange on a woman in her forties. To older men, the most attractive thing about young Chat with older men is that they're already at the ideal age.

You don't have to try to look older or younger. You're already in the sweet spot! He might also start thinking of you as a pretty face without substance.

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