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Halo mcc downloading latest matchmaking data 2018

Porn FuckBook Halo mcc downloading latest matchmaking data 2018.

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If this is indeed happening, why the heck would you do it on a Friday night. Been prompted to do this twice now with both games previous to the "Announcement" having crashed mid game.

Show More Show Less. Hard reset has fixed both issues.

I can't imagine what game play would be like if there was more than 30k people online. It is like someone flipped a switch and I can't find a single BTB game now.

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No more stupid message, just the endless Players found Hard boot to fix that I can't find a game and end up with a "Downloading the lastest matchmaking data. The "please wait" screen allows you to just hit A and continue?

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Next time I log in it happens again How do we know if it installed? Just got this game and am stuck on this message. Have tried restarting Xbox One and also clearing the local data: Scrabble is right go to custom games.

You would think these group of idiots at would have fixed this issue by now, but nope, still the same ole -Yoink- everytime a new playlist is added. Game is a joke only way to fix it is to delete and re install and that isn't even guaranteed I don't understand why it only affects certain people it's ridiculous why this hasn't been fixed yet.

Yeah this is absolutely ridiculous.

I have had Halo MCC...

I uninstalled and reinstalled the game. That alone took over a day.