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With a population ofas of [update][14] it serves as a trade center for the San Francisco Bay Area ; its Port of Oakland is the busiest port in the San Black oakland Baythe entirety of Northern Californiaand the fifth busiest in the United States of America.

Oakland's territory covers what was once a mosaic of California coastal terrace prairieoak woodlandand north coastal scrub. In the late s, Oakland was selected as the western terminal of the Transcontinental Railroad. It continued to grow in the 20th century with its busy port, shipyardsand a thriving automobile manufacturing industry.

The earliest known inhabitants were the Huchiun Indians, who lived there for thousands of years. The Huchiun Black oakland to a linguistic grouping later called the Ohlone a Miwok word meaning "western people". Inthe area that later became Oakland was claimed, with the rest of California, by Spanish settlers for the King of Spain.

The grant was confirmed by the successor Mexican republic upon its independence from Spain. Most of Oakland fell within the shares given to Antonio Maria and Vicente. Black oakland the s—just as gold was discovered in California—Oakland started growing and developing because land was becoming too expensive in San Francisco.

However, the Chinese struggled to settle because Black oakland were discriminated against by the white community and their living quarters got burned down on several occasions.

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Black oakland city and its environs quickly grew with the railroads, becoming a major rail terminal in the late s and s.

A number of horsecar and cable Black oakland lines were constructed in Oakland during the latter Black oakland of the 19th century.

The first electric streetcar set out from Oakland to Berkeley inand other lines were converted and added over the course of the s. The various streetcar companies operating in Oakland were acquired by Francis "Borax" Smith and consolidated into what eventually became known as the Key Systemthe predecessor of today's publicly owned AC Transit.

Oakland was one of the worst affected cities in California that was impacted by the plague epidemic. Quarantine measures were set in place at the Oakland ports requiring the authorities at the port to inspect the arriving vessels for the presence of infected rats.

Byover 5, people were detained in quarantine. During this period Oakland did not have sufficient health facilities, so some of the infected patients Black oakland treated at home. The State Board of Health along with Oakland also advised physicians to promptly report any cases of infected patients.

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After eating the squirrel, he fell ill four days later and another household member contracted the plague. This in turn was passed on either directly or indirectly to about a dozen others. At the time of incorporation inOakland Black oakland consisted of the territory that lay south of today's major Black oakland of San Pablo Avenue, Broadway, and Fourteenth Street.

The city gradually annexed farmlands and settlements to the east and the north. Oakland's rise to industrial prominence, and its subsequent need for a seaport, led to the digging of a shipping and tidal channel in This Black oakland in the nearby town of Alameda being made an island. Inthe city's population doubled with refugees made homeless Black oakland the San Francisco earthquake and fire. In lawyer, former miner and newspaper owner Homer Wood suggested to his friend Frank Bilger of Blake and Bilger Rock Quarry and Paving Company that he organize a gathering to establish a Rotary Club east of the bay.

On November 27, Homer took a ferry across the bay in a driving rainstorm and met for lunch with Frank and twenty three other businessmen at the Hotel Metropole at 13th and Jefferson.

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This group established the tradition of weekly meetings, something most clubs worldwide follow today. Oakland expanded during the s, as its population expanded with factory workers. Approximately 13, homes were built in the 3 Black oakland between and[42] more than during the 13 years between and Eddie Rickenbacker and Navy Lt.

Oakland's Moore Dry Dock Company expanded its shipbuilding capabilities and built over ships. Roosevelt called on defense industries with government contracts to integrate their workforces and provide opportunities for all Americans.

Tens of thousands of Black oakland came from around the country, especially poor whites and blacks from the Deep South: Kaiser 's representatives recruited sharecroppers and tenant farmers from rural areas to work in his shipyards. African Americans were part of the Great Migration by which five million persons left the South, mostly for the West, from to White migrants from the Jim Crow South carried their racial attitudes, causing tensions to rise among black and white workers competing for the better-paying jobs in the Bay Area.

The racial harmony Oakland blacks had been accustomed to prior to the war evaporated.

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Their young men encountered hostility and discrimination by Armed Forces personnel, and tensions broke out in " Black oakland suit riots " in downtown Oakland in in the wake of a major disturbance in Los Angeles that year. The city's expensive electric streetcar fleet was converted to the cheaper diesel buses. Soon after the war, as Oakland's shipbuilding industry declined and the automobile industry went through restructuring, many jobs were lost.

Economic competition increased racial tension. Oakland was the Black oakland of a general strike during the first week of Decemberone of six cities across the country that had such a strike after World War II. InKaiser Corporation opened its new headquarters; it was the largest skyscraper in Oakland, as well as "the largest office tower west of Chicago " up to that time. Despite the major increases in the number and proportion of African Americans in the city, in only 16 of the city's police officers were black.

Tensions between the black community and the largely white police force were high, as expectations during the civil rights era Black oakland to gain social justice and equality before the law.

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Police abuse of blacks was common. Students Huey Newton and Bobby Seale founded the Black Panther Party at Merritt College in Oakland Hills neighborhood, which emphasized black power, advocated armed self-defense against police brutality, and was Black oakland in several incidents that ended in the deaths of police officers and other Black Panther members. Among their social programs were feeding children and providing other services to the needy.

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As in many other American cities during the s, crack cocaine became a serious problem in Oakland. Drug dealing in general, and the dealing of Black oakland cocaine in particular, resulted in elevated rates of violent crime, causing Oakland to consistently be listed as one of America's most crime-ridden cities.

Many structures in Oakland were badly damaged including the double-decker portion of Interstate that collapsed. The eastern span of the San Francisco—Oakland Bay Bridge also sustained damage and was closed to traffic for one month. Twenty-five people were killed, people were Black oakland, and nearly 4, homes destroyed. During the mids, Oakland's economy began to recover as it transitioned to new types of jobs.

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In addition, the city participated in large development and urban renewal projects, concentrated especially in the downtown area, at the Black oakland of Oaklandand at the Oakland International Airport.

After his inauguration, Oakland Mayor Jerry Brown continued his predecessor Elihu Harris' public policy of supporting downtown housing development in the area defined as the Central Business District in Oakland's General Plan.

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Oakland is in the eastern region of the San Francisco Bay. The building still exists, but like the rest of the Bay Area, it has shifted northwest perhaps 0. The United States Census Bureau says the city's total area is Oaklanders refer to their city's Black oakland as "the flatlands" and "the hills".

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Until recent waves of gentrification, these terms also symbolized Oakland's deep economic Black oakland, with "the hills" being more affluent communities. About two-thirds of Oakland lies in the flat plain of the East Bay, with one-third rising into the foothills and hills of the East Bay range. San Andreas quakes induces creep movement occurring on earthquake faults in the Hayward fault, which runs directly through Oakland, Berkeley, San Jose and other Bay Area cities.

Oakland has more than 50 distinct neighborhoods. East Oakland, which includes the East Oakland Hills, encompasses more than Black oakland of Oakland's land area, stretching from Lakeshore Avenue on the east shore of Lake Merritt southeast to the San Leandro border.

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