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Star coin walkthrough super bros 2 star-3 3ds

Hot Nude Star coin walkthrough super bros 2 star-3 3ds.

The first Star Coin is understandably the easiest to get in the entire game. Just use the musical notes to bounce high enough to reach it. The second Star Coin is a little further up, protected by some brick blocks.

Bash them from below using the musical notes to bounce higher, and grab the coin.

World 1 Star Coins -...

The third one can be found in a green pipe which shoots you above the clouds. Hit the P block, run along collecting the small coins, and then leap to get the Star Coin before falling back down.

Enter the yellow pipe a little to the right of the first Star Coin. Hit the P-Switch, which will turn the blocks into coins.

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Sprint to the right, leap up then run all the way over to the left to grab the second Star Coin before the ticking timer stops. Later in the level, you'll find a grey pipe with a Fire sign near it. Grab it, then run as fast as you can to the right. Just as it starts to run out, you should reach the smashable blocks that surround the Star Coin. Demolish them and grab the final coin. Be sure to throw the Koopa Troopa shell into the Goombas to clear your run-up.

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Once you're airborne, fly up to the top of the first tree. The Star Coin is at the top. From the first Star Coin, jump and float over to the roulette coin block, and then again to the right to reach a green pipe on top of a tree.

Go inside to be shot up into the sky.

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