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Sign in with Facebook Other Sign in options. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies Alyisa milano lesbian TV shows on your phone or tablet! Embrace of the Vampire Tito-8 5 August Let's face it, this is one of the most famous B-movies ever because of a few nude scenes, not because of a terrific plot. Yes, Alyssa Milano looks great, but that doesn't mean that this was a good movie.

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Really, the film is watchable at best, and the writers clearly were more concerned with getting Alyssa naked Alyisa milano lesbian making an interesting story about vampires.

I can't call it a disappointment, since I got what I expected, but it's nothing but a forgettable film that just happens to have some legendary soft-porn scenes. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. The seventeen year-old Charlotte Alyssa Milano is a virgin college student from a Catholic high-school and girlfriend of her college mate Chris Harrison Pruett. Near to the eve of her eighteenth birthday, a vampire Martin Kemp that was her lover in a past life tries to seduce her to regain his human life.

However Charlotte is in love with Chris and the vampire sends the sexy Marika Jennifer Tilly to seduce him. Meanwhile Charlotte is also sexually tempted Alyisa milano lesbian the lesbian Sarah Charlotte Lewis. The story can be written in half a page and is basically a storyline entwined with scenes of sex. The most incredible is that there is a remake of this movie.

She has that perfect combination...

My vote is four. BrianJG 4 November This is a B-Movie Alyisa milano lesbian some vampires wanting to bring the "chase" college coed Alyssa Milano into their fold. Being Alyisa milano lesbian heterosexual male with a normal dose of hormones, I found this movie very interesting. She is sexy and always fun to watch whether she's in something good Charmed or not so good Hugo Pool. This movie falls somewhere in the middle.

It's not great, but still entertaining. Martin Kemp, former pop star, has built a respectable acting career with his role in The Krays and Alyisa milano lesbian British TV shows. He plays a cursed vampire who must seduce an 18 year-old virgin or he will die. Milano is the virgin, whose boyfriend is Alyisa milano lesbian for sex. Charlotte Lewis and Jennifer Tilly, the most talented performers in this film, are the ones with the smallest roles. This is one of the better bad movies I've seen.

If you've ever wanted to see Allysa's boobs and butt, you will love this movie. She would be worth watching even if she'd kept her clothes on. The story, if one is to be found, is about a young college Alyisa milano lesbian about to experience life for the first time. Turns out that she just may be the reincarnated wife of a late Count who never could cope with her death. Seems he returned home from battle one fine day only to find his beloved wife had killed herself on the false rumors of his death.

Well, same Count becomes a vampire through some convenient miracle because it was needed to have a shred of a plot and then begins to pursue and court her in modern day. The rest is her inner struggle alright, that's a stretch between life, ghostly erotic dreams, voices, seduction, school, being away from home, falling in love, and clove cigarettes. This movie started out with a really good and captivating plot; Alyssa Milano naked, involved in multiple erotic lesbian scenes.

The only problem is that the producers tried to fill in the empty spaces of the movie with Why didn't Ms Milano just film a short segment for Playboy or Spice and just be done with it? If you are interested in any other form of entertainment then I would skip this movie.

The initial lesbian scene with Ms Milano and Charlotte Alyisa milano lesbian does actually come off as a good first time, nervous lesbian encounter for a young college women.

Not to mention the scene first introduced me to clove cigarettes All in all this movie is a shame; Ms Milano has undoubtedly proved herself a more then so-so actress. I loved her in The Canterville Ghost. As for others, Jennifer Tilly does actually act nicely in my opinion.

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This isn't saying much but I do always enjoy watching Ms Tilly enjoy herself enjoying others in movies. Alyssa manages to do what few actresses have accomplished--Played the sex pot and the innocent at the same time. We are given the impression that although she gets naked enough and has sex a lot, Alyisa milano lesbian somehow it is not really her fault, although most of the time she seems eager or curious--up to a point.

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The photography Alyisa milano lesbian manages to also capture kinkyness, sleaze, and horror all at the same time. It is the story of "O" for the hOrror set. Although technically not as skilled as Copolla's Dracula, it is a lot more sensual and scary.

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Embarrassment to the Vampire movie genre bondgirl 12 November Okay I am a huge vampire film fan. I saw this movie and I laughed!

This movie started out with...

Alyssa Milano plays Charlotte, a young virgin fresh out of a convent and entering college. She has a handsome and sweet boyfriend named Chris who is willing to wait till she is ready but even he has his sexual frustrations.

Charlotte becomes the target and object of a nameless Vampire's desires played Alyisa milano lesbian The Krays Martin Kemp. The Vampire is dying or in threat of being put in a deep sleep unless he takes the blood of a virgin, but not just any virgin: The idea is for the Vampire to seduce Charlotte and "put doupt in her heart" against her faithful but sexually frustrated Chris so that she will willingly surrenders herself to the Vampire.

The Vampire does this through dreams and hypno spells and he also puts a voodoo out on Chris who also dreams that tell him that Charlotte is in danger. Then the film follows a series of Alyisa milano lesbian, soft porn seduction scenes and campy horror scenes.

The film is classic Alyssa Milano: She is sensual and brave enough to bare her breasts before the camera on more than one scene. I hated at how over exaggerated and poorly written this film was.

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The Vampire seduction scenes are good, but after awhile he gets so boring and so repetitive. So if you like soft-core porn, vampire, horror, B- films: I like B movies, but Wizard-8 29 July I found this quite dull.

First, there's barely a story - much of the movie is devoted to sex scenes that stop the story completely, and have no real significance in altering the "evolving" Alyisa milano lesbian. So if there's a lot of sex, there must be some merit, right?

Early Life and Education

Actually, I found the sex and nude scenes flatly directed - despite the flesh and activity shown, surprisingly a lot of these scenes have nothing erotic to them. We don't learn a lot about the characters.

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For instance, why does the vampire character only have a certain time to Alyisa milano lesbian How did he get to where he is in the movie? How did he find the heroine? None of this is explained. And speaking of the characters, none aroused any sympathy - in fact, all of them seemed annoying. And though the movie is supposed to be about vampires, there's hardly any vampire action!

Yes, You-Know-Who gets naked enough, but that's not enough to save this movie, or even make it worth fast-forwarding.

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Would-be Rip-off of "Interview with a Vampire" aesgaard41 Alyisa milano lesbian November What has happened to vampire movies in the last twenty years? This is a dreadful movie that belongs in that nameless back room in the back of the local video store.

Not that I'm complaining,I think Alyssa Milano is a great actress with an incredible figure, but I think she only took this movie to prove she is not a little girl anymore, as if anyone remembers that she was the daughter on "Who's The Boss.

This movie may not be pure pornography, but the soft porn in it seems to be the only reason guys and frat houses are renting it from video shelves. The vampire story in this takes third stage as Alyssa seems to shed her clothes every ten to twenty minutes. Hello, where's Alyisa milano lesbian vampire?

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